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Kris Russo

fitness. nutrition. yoga.


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Personal Training

Kris' diverse experience with movement and varied disciplines offer a unique opportunity to draw what's relevant from across the board and deliver it in a program suited for you specifically, whether your goal is weight loss, performance or rehabilitation.

Split strength training, HIIT, yoga, pilates, boxing, TRX suspension training-  Kris will incorporate what is appropriate to strengthen the weakest link, build on stronger points and balance out the body for functional movement and to live better in your own skin.


Yoga, Bootcamp & Group Fitness

Yin and yang! Get centered and work out the "kinks" - both mental and physical in Kris' Vinyasa style yoga classes or set your intention and get sweaty with circuit style training to develop strength, endurance and agility. She keeps it moving with high intensity intervals and metabolic training. Variety, progression and engagement!


Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation

After working with Dr. Joe Klemszewski and Kori Propst, PhD on nutrition and mastering metabolism, Kris realized the invaluable journey of knowledge and self-empowerment through The Diet Doc. She now operates The Diet Doc Midtown Manhattan and guides you through understanding how food works in your body, the science of weight loss and offers you the tools and know-how to achieve sustainable weight loss and a flexible, healthy lifestyle.










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